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"Comfort as well as supportive correction"

I see dozens of patients each year that have spent hundreds of dollars on orthotics that sit in the cupboard because they are painfully uncomfortable.  Many of my patients have enjoyed the benefits of orthotics from Stewart Levy at Custom Foot Australia. These hand made orthotic devices provide enough comfort as well as supportive correction to enable patient compliance. Often fine-tuning or gradual modification is made at subsequent consultations.

Michael Mulholland-Licht D.O.

President, World Osteopathic Health Organisation, WOHO.

"Excellent and lasted indefinitely"


I have known Stewart Levy for more that ten years and I feel he is excellent on advising and providing footwear.  Over the more that ten years I have known him, I have purchased at least four pairs of shoes with custom made corrective shoe inserts to go with them and they have been excellent and lasted indefinitely.  I feel he has a high integrity, he is honest and trustworthy and I would refer any patient to him for his expertise.  In the past because of ‘going over’ on my ankles I had some problem with walking distances but since he has provided my footwear I have had no problems whatsoever and I am able to walk at length.

Dr James B. Roche OAM

M.B, B.S, F.R.C.O.G, F.R.A.C.O.G, D.D.U.

"Expertise in corrective pedorthic footwear and orthotic services"

On the recommendation of Stewart Levy I began wearing Birkenstock shoes about four years ago. At the time I had been wearing orthotics in both my sports and street shoes for around twenty years to correct a spur problem in both heels. Stewart told me I wouldn’t need to wear orthotics in my streets shoes with Birkenstock and despite my scepticism his prediction has proved to be correct. Not long after that improvement in my footwear Stewart made up some orthotics for my Sports shoes which better reflected the problems I was having with my feet. I have now been wearing those orthotics for around two years and they are much more practical than the old orthotics I was wearing.  They are far more comfortable and durable and have helped correct a major problem I was having with my right foot.  I am quite happy to recommend Stewart Levy for his expertise in corrective Pedorthic Footwear and Orthotic services.

Ian Chappell

Former Australian Cricket Captain and Channel 9 Commentator

"Unquestionable Benefit"


I met Stewart at a Rotary dinner, which is testament to his involvement in community affairs, I was the guest speaker, he came up to me after I had spoken an introduced himself, a meeting I shall never forget for several reasons, firstly because he is an interesting looking fellow and possessed of an imposing, impressive manner, his hand shake was firm, manly and genuinely warm which impressed me immediately, secondly it didn’t take him long to mention that he thought that I may be in need of his expertise, it was then that he told me of his profession, which indicated to me that he was a keen observer of all things feet.

Since then I have become a patient and friend, he is a joy of conversation and time spent with him is both entertaining and informative, to say he has changed my life, for the better, is no overstatement, he spent time and effort to bring about an unquestionable benefit into my life, the difference his work has made is undeniable and brings me great comfort, our chance meeting was very fortunate for me but as he and I have discussed during one of our conversations, on all matters philosophic, there is no such thing as chance. It was all meant to be. Stewart will always have my endorsement, as a trusted friend and as a gifted professional.

Angry Anderson AM

"Pain in my ankles, knees, hips and lower back a thing of the past"


Stewart first made my orthotics for me in 2002 and since then my life has vastly improved. The pain in my ankles, knees, hips and lower back is a thing of the past. Being a landscaper I’m on my feet all day and can’t live without my orthotics. Thanks Stewart for all your help.

Nigel Ruck 

Celebrity Landscaper Backyard Blitz, Author, Logie Winner, Hard Yakka Man

"Pain and aggravation went away"


After many years of pain and aggravation with my hips and lower limbs searching for the person who knew how to heal my issues, I was referred to Stewart Levy for his Pedorthic and Orthotic services. He conducted a detailed assessment of the way I walk using this ink print device which I was very impressed with. After a few days he made a pair of orthotics which felt extremely supportive and very comfortable. My pain and aggravation went away within days of wearing these devices. I must say, he’s one brilliant Pedorthist. I would highly recommend anyone with any foot, knee and hip or leg problem to see Stewart.

Sir Ron Brierley OAM

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