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Adults Orthotics

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As a Pedorthist, Stewart Levy is trained in the assessment, making and fitting of foot orthotics.  He does an impression of your feet in weight bearing position and then customises the orthotic to the individual foot problem and needs.   

Conditions Orthotics help Treat


Over Pronation and Supination

In these common conditions the ankle joint actually collapses when the full body weight is placed on it.


It is often an inherited pre-disposition or created over time by living on hard surfaces, not wearing correct footwear or over straining during sports.

If untreated, the ankle joints lack of  strength will result in further changes in skeletal and muscles alignment and discomfort is felt in the front of the foot, knees, hips, lower back and even the neck. 

kid pronation.JPG
Untitled design (12).jpg

Flat Feet, Plantar Faciitis & Heel Spurs

When the fascia of the foot arch is over stretched from excessive pronation or supination, excessive activities or serious misalignment issues, inflammation of the fascia will develop.


It will become painful to walk or stand and heel spurs form where the fascia attaches to the heel bones, increasing  pain levels and difficulty mobilising. 

A customised orthotic will lift and support the arch fascia and successfully relieve this condition

Over Pronation and Flat Feet.JPG

Bunions - Hallux Valgus

This can be caused by overly tight shoes, over pronation or inheritance. 


The large toe joint receives abnormal pressures and is forced out of alignment. 


If left untreated it will further open the joint abnormally and push the large toes towards or even over the other toes.


The joint can become red from friction inside a shoe or inflamed and very painful. It also creates forefoot imbalance. 


A customised orthotic helps realign the metatarsal toe joints, open the forefoot, and relieves pressure and pain.  

Without Orthotics.jpg

*Individual results may differ.

clawed toes.jpg

Clawed and Hammer Toes

These conditions are often caused by genetics but are more frequently seen as a result of wearing incorrectly shaped and sizes shoes.  


Pointy toes, too short or even very loose shoes will see the toes grip to keep the feet secure enough to take the body weight.  Thongs are a good example of making toes claw to keep them on.

Treatment needs to include footwear that will cater for these toe shapes and a customised orthotic with a built-in metatarsal dome, will help by stretching and opening the toes joints and the forefoot when walking and standing.

Claw Toes & Bunion.JPG

Leg Length Discrepancy - LLD

A minor LLD can be caused by a hip or knee operation but can also be inherited or the result of an accident. 

A customised orthotic can be made to correct a LLD and then transferred to each pair of shoes making the treatment economical and avoids having to have every pair of shoes modified from the outside.  

Orthotic Correction Pronation and with a
Foot deformity.JPG

Foot Distortions

A foot distortion can be the result of an accident or a disease process. 


Walking or standing with balance can be difficult and finding a well fitting shoe. 


A TCI orthotic accommodates the foot shape and gives support and a cushioning protection during activities.


Our wide range of footwear and Pedorthic modifications also suit this type of foot.      


Preventative & Off-The-Shelf Options


Compressions Socks

• Relieves plantar fasciitis.
• Eases heel spurs and pain.
• ideal if you work long periods on your feet or hard surfaces.

  • Is worn as a sock or under your sock

  • Wear day or night.

toe spreaders.jpg

Silicone toe Spreaders

• Helps straighten bunions.
• Relieves overlapping toes.
• Reduces friction and rubbing. 
• Durable and washable.

Soft gel protects sore areas between the toes.

Untitled design.jpg

Supportive Footbed Inserts

• Quality rubber arch support
• Gel padding in forefoot and heel. 
• Transferable between shoes.

Also included in all Dr Comfort footwear.



Fast, reliable, & effective cramp management. Treats the nerves causing the cramp.

All natural ingredients.

• Caffeine free.

• Gluten free.

• Vegetarian/Vegan.

• Multiple doses per bottle.

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