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We stock Birkenstock Softbed Sandals in narrow and wide fittings and in sizes 35 to 48.  

Our trained staff provide personalised fittings and service.  

Hard to Beat Benefits

Birkenstock  use quality materials. The cork footbed is shock absorbing, moulds to the shape of your foot and remains supportive for long periods, even years. The contoured footbed is designed to move the foot naturally, strengthening muscles and bones and encouraging circulation.


Straps are adjustable and come in leather or non-leather. The soling and cork is fully repairable.

Softbed Advantage 

We specialise in Birkenstock Softbed sandals.


The added latex layers built into the foot-bed provide extra cushioning against the hard ground when walking or standing. These latex layers benefit arthritis, nerve conditions, diabetes, misshapen and ageing sensitive feet. The Softbed Birkenstock offers the original footbed shape and support but are more easily 'broken in'.

Customise Your Footbed

As a Pedorthist we are unique in being able to modify your Birkenstock's to become a customised orthotic device.


A weight bearing Pedograph shows the foot's imbalance and customisation helps give your feet corrective support. Flat feet, bunions, pronation, supination or other extreme conditions can benefit from this technique.

Screenshot 2016-07-10
Birkenstock Soft Footbed layers Custom F
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