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The Pedorthic Clinic

Bodily alignment is dependent on it's foundation, the foot

Foot Skeleton

Pedorthic treatment will realign the body and improve quality of life.

Common Foot Problems

Stewart Levy. We Heel Sick Soles


There are many reasons you could be experiencing foot and ankle problems including but not limited to:

  • Genetics - Inherited from parents or grandparents

  • Trauma - accidents, sports injury, repetitive strain 

  • Wearing poorly made footwear, or wrong size and shape

  • Untreated foot problems

  • Not tying up shoe laces or shoes with loose fastening

  • Standing and walking on hard surfaces without proper shoes 

  • Inappropriate footwear such as high heels, rubber thongs, Ugg boots and pointed toed shoes

How Can We Help?


Stewart, the Pedorthist is passionate about helping people to solve their foot problems.  He is friendly, amenable, humorous, available and committed to his work.

Stewart offers you:

  • 35+ years of knowledge and experience in assessing and treating foot problems

  • Education on foot issues and solutions.

  • Customised treatments.

  • Ongoing check-ups and adjustments as part of his Orthotic Therapy and Pedorthic footwear modifications. 

  • A large range of quality footwear 

  • Presentations to Falls Prevention groups, Pre-natal clinics, Massage Therapists and Nursing Homes. 

  • Presentations to Medical and Allied Health Practitioners

Pedograph assessment

What Happens in an Assessment?

The purpose of a Pedorthic consultation and assessment is to discover the causes of your foot complaints and treat them effectively. 

Stewart will visually assess your gait and discuss with you your history and present foot issues and investigate your wear patterns and choice of footwear.


He takes an impression of your feet using the Pedograph method to show the imbalances of the feet and ankles in the natural upright weight bearing position.


The result indicate the corrections needed in the making of your orthotic device or Pedorthic shoe modification to improve your alignment, help strengthen your foot and ankle, and maintain you mobility and body posture long term. 


The assessment and consultation takes 45 to 60 minutes and you will be reminded of your appointment time and what to bring with you.

Pedograph assessment
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