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About Custom Foot Australia

child moulded orthotics

Custom Foot is well known by many Medical Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals across Sydney, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle  and Byron Bay for the success we have in treating foot problems


"Your attitude determines your altitude"

Custom Foot Team

Stewart Levy Custom Foot Morisset.JPG

Stewart Levy is a Certified Pedorthist, Orthotist and Custom Orthopaedic Shoe Maker and has been successfully treating people’s foot problems for over 3 decades.


He is the owner of Custom Foot Australia Pty Ltd and is well known by many medical practitioners and allied health professionals for the success he provides in treating foot problems.

Stewart's Story is truly unique. Read the full blog to discover his vast experience and story so far...

Stewart Levy

Pedorthist C.Ped. C.M. Au

Founder, Pedorthist &

Custom Shoe Maker

Desiree Simmonds Custom Foot Morisset.JP

Desiree Simmonds

General Manager

Desiree is a Registered Nurse of 37 years specialising in Gerontology and enjoys her work helping Stewart provide good footwear and Pedorthic services to an increasing population with foot problems. 


She ran her own business True Potential in Sydney for over 20 years providing massage, yoga and meditation and continues to teach in the Lake Macquarie area.


Her medical knowledge and experience of health is beneficial in the Pedorthic Foot Clinic, including staff training.   

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