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Diabetes in Australia

Updated: Jul 31, 2019


  • 280 Australians develop diabetes every day. That’s one person every five minutes, resulting in over 100,000 a year.

  • For each person diagnosed with diabetes there is usually a family member or carer in a supportive role. This means an estimated 2.4 million Australians 'live with diabetes' each day.

  • Total annual cost impact of diabetes in Australia estimated at $14.6 billion

The Growing Problem for Australia

Type 1 accounts for 10% of all diabetes, Type 2 accounts for 85% and Gestational diabetes in pregnancy is becoming a larger problem for Australia. The number of people developing diabetes is growing faster than any other chronic condition in Australia, faster than even heart disease and cancer.

The Effects of Diabetes Blindness

Diabetes is the leading cause of preventable blindness in Australia. More than 15% of Australians with diabetes are affected by macular oedema. The total indirect cost of vision loss associated with diabetic macular oedema in Australia is estimated to be $2.07 billion per annum. This is more than $28,000 per person with diabetic macular oedema.


Each year, 10,000 people with diabetes are admitted to hospital for foot ulcers in Australia. Many of these people ended up having an amputation. There are more than 4,400 amputations due to diabetes each year and an estimated $875 million is spent on diabetic foot diseases.

Investing in care for Australians with diabetic foot ulcers, including purchasing the right footwear, could save around $2.7 billion over five years. That's $9,000 per person under 75 and $12,000 per person aged 75+ over the five years.

Footwear for Diabetics

Proper footwear is essential for everybody, but certain precautions must be taken when purchasing footwear for sensitive feet. That's why we carry Anodyne footwear. Anodyne produce footwear for sensitive and misshapen feet, perfect for the diabetic foot. Each shoe is lightweight, seamless, padded and has a natural anti-bacterial & anti-microbial treatment. They are extra deep to accommodate swelling and orthotics, have a protective toe box and great arch and heel support. View them here Source: Diabetes Australia


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