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Our Client Stories

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Our clients are often sending us updates on how they are going following their appointments with Stewart, our Certified Pedorthist, Medical Grade Footwear Practitioner, Orthotist and Custom Shoe Maker.

Below we share some of our clients stories - what better way of sharing what we do than through peer recommendation!



I have been wearing orthotics for 22 years. Some of the orthotics have been good, and others have been bad, and others have been a waste of a good set of drink coasters.

I started wearing clear rigid plastic orthotics (first yellow, then red). The good thing about these devices was that they were incredibly easy to clean (usually with window cleaner). These devices did raise my arches, but usually after six to eighteen months through regular use they would wear.

With the wear that occurred, these devices would tend to rock back and forth within my shoes and instead of correcting my pronation it would increase its severity. Another nasty characteristic of these devices is that they would often break in two across the orthotic at the arch.

I then wore orthotic devices that were designed for sports people. These devices had A couple of good characteristics, such as they had some give in the plastic that caused them not to break, and they had posts under the front of the device and at he heel that reduced the rock ad roll effect that occurred with wear. The primary drawback of this device was that if you were playing sport that placed a lot of stress on the foot, the plastic would “give” too much and the support that you required in the arch would be significantly reduced, often causing stress in he knees and the lower back.

The next type of orthotic I wore was one of the worst. It was a plaster of Paris orthotic with cloth covering on it. The fit, support and comfort of this device were all inferior. The device had no give to absorb any shock. The fit was too low and did not provide adequate support to the arch, along with the fact that that the heel had a doughnut hole that, in theory, was to stabilize the foot but instead caused discomfort. The materials that were used were not comfortable and they were difficult to clean, thus causing a device that did not smell too good after a month or so. I tried a pair of soft orthotics for about one day. I bought the at a footwear store in a shopping mall. I got what I paid for! Very comfortable within the shoe, but did not provide suitable support, and by the end of the day, both the arch and the knee ached. My most recent device was a combination of the previous plastic orthotics. The benefits and drawbacks were the same as the previous plastic orthotics. No breakage and easy cleaning, but did have rock and roll (with wear) and did not have much give.After less than 10 months, I was experiencing strain on the knees, ankles and lower back.

My current device is the one created by Stewart. I have noticed that your orthotic has a couple of great properties. The orthotic is made of natural cork and leather which causes it to “breathe”, it provides terrific support, and it has excellent shock absorbing properties. The orthotic that you have created for me have been the most comfortable that I have ever worn (the metatarsal support is great!) but more importantly it provides me with the support that I require. I play a great deal of sport and I am on my feet with my job often giving presentations of 2-3 hours in length, and I require an orthotic that will provide me with the adequate support and is comfortable to wear over long periods. The orthotic that you have designed and built meets all of my needs.

Thank you Stewart. I highly recommend you.

John Woodward

Sports Presenter ABC News



I first visited Stewart Levy about one year ago. My problem was persistent aches and pains in my feet and legs and a cupboard full of shoes that had developed a strange twist – their toes appeared to be turning inwards.

A consultation with Stewart indicated that my toes were turning outward rather than the shoes turning inwards. My sagging arches were very grateful for the orthotic inner soles which he prescribed and made for me. It took a few weeks to adjust to wearing them, but eventually I grew to feel the benefit. I can now take long walks without discomfort and new shoes show no sign of being pushed out of shape.

I am very grateful I took my foot problems to Stewart. My inner-soles are invaluable and make a big difference to my foot and leg comfort.


Pam Thyer


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